1. I’ve recently started dipping my toe into Social Network Analysis across this tutorial on starting out with open source graphing app Gephi - my first bash at graphing a social network since an ill-advised sixth form project called the “love web”…

    This time round, what you can see is a rather more sober visualisation of my Facebook ego network (without the ego, and ignoring weak ties i.e. friends who don’t know any of my other friends).

    In case it’s not obvious, the nodes are people, and the edges show friendships (in the Facebook sense); the layout is worked out by a force-based algorithm, and the colouring is from an automatic function to cluster by modularity (i.e. how closely knit a particular set of people are). What struck me was the ease with which I could work out what each colour meant - I don’t think I could have done a better job doing it by hand.

    On the right hand side are people I’ve worked with - POKE on top, and Government underneath, the green bunch are mostly school friends, and the rest are mostly people I met while at University (or friends met through those people). Yellow from my course, blue were housemates, and the remainder my main social circle (red generally people I met before I spent a year in France, orange afterwards).

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